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Free shipping on orders over $75

Springstead Cheer Spirit Shirt

Experience Ultimate Comfort with Our Designs on Gildan Soft-Style 6400 T-Shirts


Product Description

Our prints utilize top-tier inks, superior film, and powder, ensuring the most vibrant whites and colors on any garment – regardless of its material, color, or elasticity.

Benefit from enhanced durability and stretchability, with results that withstand even the most rigorous wash tests. Plus, with over 50 expert designers on our team, every order undergoes meticulous review.

What’s your minimum order amount?

Zero, zilch, nada! Order 1 or 1001, we don’t discriminate against numbers. Every quantity is a good quantity in our books!

What file format should my artwork be?

  • Format: PNG files are preferred. acceptible file formats: PNG, AI, EPS PDF
  • Resolution: Aim for 300 DPI or higher.
  • Files: Ensure all imported files are embedded.
  • Imaging: Please refrain from mirroring images.
  • Background: Use transparent backgrounds exclusively.
  • Smallest Text: 10px (.85mm | 0.03in)

Application Instructions

Important Note: Heat presses can vary in temperature and pressure settings, so the following are general guidelines. If you are a first-time customer, we recommend ordering a few extra designs to test and determine the optimal temperature, time, and pressure for your press. Please note that a household iron is not suitable for these transfers.

Warning: Do not press the color ribbon running along your transfer roll, as it will not come off the shirt.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Pre-Press the Garment: Before applying the image, pre-press the garment for 5 seconds to remove wrinkles and any moisture trapped in the fabric.
  2. First Press: Set the heat press to 290-310 degrees Fahrenheit and apply medium pressure. Place the image in the proper position and press for 7-10 seconds. Note that each heat press may vary, so some experimentation may be necessary for optimal results.
  3. Peel Hot/Cold: Our Transfers can be peeled hot or cold. We recommend Hot Peel. For Hot Peel, peel within 3 seconds in one solid motion. For Cold Peel, wait until the transfer has completely cooled and peel with one solid motion. Rubbing the film with a cloth is recommended before cold peel.
  4. Second Press: Cover the design with Teflon (for a shiny finish), use the backside of the transfer paper (for a shiny finish), or parchment paper (for a matte finish). Set the heat press to 290-310 degrees Fahrenheit and apply medium pressure for 5-10 seconds.

Note: Applying firm and even pressure is crucial for good adhesion. Avoid pressing over pockets, seams, buttons, zippers, etc.

Adjustments for Different Fabrics:

  • Polyester/Blend Fabric: Reduce the temperature to 280-300 degrees Fahrenheit and shorten the press time to 3-8 seconds. These fabrics absorb heat faster. If the transfer is not adhering to the fabric, you can press multiple times, allowing the fabric to cool in between.
  • 100% Polyester: Lower the temperature to 250-285 degrees Fahrenheit and reduce the press time to 3-8 seconds. This fabric may require some adjustments to determine the best settings. Practice is recommended to find the proper settings. If the transfer is not adhering, press multiple times, allowing the fabric to cool in between.

Shipping Info

Our DTF transfers are printed in the United States. We ship from Spring Hill, Fl. which is about 30 minutes north of Tampa. 

Turnaround Times: We will print and ship your order within 3 business days. 

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